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Jack Kirby Norse Warriors Collection

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Jack loved Norse mythology.  Many fans are not aware that the "Journey Into Mystery" Thor was not Jack's first usage of the character.  In fact, Jack used the character several times throughout the years and at least 2-3 times before his famous appearance in "Journey."

Jack's multiple versions of the Thor character.

Different version of the Thor character

Jack loved Norse mythology so much, he redesigned some of the classic characters (with a little help from Don Heck)!  Jack enjoyed creating concept pieces.  Some of these concepts would see print as differing characters and some would just simply hang proudly on Jack's wall.  Four concept pieces that Jack worked on were, Balduur, Heimdall, Honir and Sigurd, from Norse Mythology.  Jack enlisted the help of Don Heck to ink the pieces and then colored them himself.  They can be seen below. (alternative color test on right.)





These character designs were later featured as the "GODS" portfolio from Communicators Unlimited in 1972.  The bright colored versions were never printed and were used to try out new color schemes. 

As part of our special Jack Kirby centennial celebration, we are proud to present our limited Jack Kirby Norse Mythology collection. This collection features an original 1972 print of "Honir" as well as the bright colored version of all four Norse Warriors.  Also Included, is a sketch of Thor, Jack drew for his wife, Roz and a few other surprises!


  • Honir Print from 1972 measuring 11x17
  • All four uninked Norse Warriors featured as 11x15 prints
  • Thor Print Jack drew for his wife Roz
  • Extra surprises (differ in each package).


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