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Jack Kirby Care Package Double Order (Comic shops Only) #1

  • $64.00
  • Save $16

*This is for stores wishing to get a discount by purchasing 2 Jack Kirby Care Packages. 

These packages will include prints of never-before-seen or rare artwork including the most popular Kirby creations. Each care package will also have something for your store to use as a keepsake, including items owned by Jack and correspondence between Jack and his collaborators.  My hope is that over time, you’ll acquire enough items to have a small History of Comics area, space, or scrapbook in your store.  Our first care package will include a beautiful reproduction of Jack Kirby hand colored art, as well as bumper stickers and a piece of Kirby stationary that was owned by Jack (as well as a surprise or two). The total contents of our first care package are below:

20 beautiful 11x17 color Prints on high quality gloss paper.  

6 Jack Kirby Bumper Stickers

2 Pieces of Jack Kirby stationary and another surprise goodie.


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