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Jack Kirby Birthday Edition Care Package

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These packages will include prints of never-before-seen or rare artwork including the most popular Kirby creations. Each care package will also have something for you to use as a keepsake, including items owned by Jack and correspondence between Jack and his collaborators.  My hope is that over time, you’ll acquire enough items to have a small History of Comics area, space, or scrapbook in your home. 

Our Birthday Edition art and print package is our largest to date and features a Jack Kirby owned photostat of a Fourth World book. This photostat is as close as you can get to owning the artwork. Not to be outdone is an actual Marvel biography page featuring Jack's classic drawing of his Marvel creations. The total contents of our birthday edition care package are below:

Photostat owned by Jack Kirby from one of his Fourth World Books.

Marvel Biography page featuring Jack's classic drawing of his creations

A Captain Victory comic book

A piece of Jack's stationery (either an envelope, stationery page or Captain America card stock).


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